Child Benefit Helpline – 0843 487 1834

Child Benefit HelplineIf you are the parent of a child under 16 in the UK then you will be entitled to receive Child Benefit, paid into your bank account every 4 weeks. If your child is over 16 but under 20 years old, and is still in full time education (such as attending school sixth- form, college or university) you will continue to receive the benefit. Only one person in a family can claim the benefit. For more information on how to claim you should contact the Child Benefit helpline number 0843 487 1834.

Current rates of Child Benefit

There are currently two different rates of Child Benefit. The higher rate is £20.50 and this is for the oldest child only. The lower rate is for any other children in the family and is fixed at £13.55 for 2014. If you have an individual income of £50 000 or above a high earnings tax charge will be made. Phone the Child Benefit contact number and speak to an adviser for guidance on the tax charge.

Changes of circumstance

If your family circumstances change then you need to inform the Child Benefit office immediately. Possible changes could include your child leaving school, starting paid work, moving abroad or getting married. Any of these changes may affect your eligibility for child benefit. Speak to an adviser on the Child Benefit phone number, ( guidance on a change of circumstances.

Payments not arriving

It can take up to 3 months for a claim to be processed. If you are expecting a payment but it does not arrive this could be for a number of reasons. Your bank account details may have changed or your child has had their sixteenth birthday, but their education plans have not been confirmed. Perhaps you have had a letter from the child benefit office but have not replied. These can all lead to non-payment of benefit.

child-benefit-helpline-numberApprentices or trainees

The Child Benefit Helpline can advise on what is approved education or training, such as an apprenticeship or traineeship. If you are not sure whether this applies to you or your child you should ring and ask to speak to an adviser. 

The staff at the Child Benefit helpline are there to advise you, so if you are in receipt of this benefit but have a question or concern, pick up the phone and ring the Child Benefit helpline number today.