Child Benefit FAQ

Child Benefit FAQKnowing the criteria for making a successful child benefit claim can be useful before taking the time to make an enquiry. Here are four Child Benefit FAQ that help to explain your entitlements. The Child Benefit helpline team can answer all of these questions in more detail.

Who Is Entitled To Child Benefit?

Parents and guardians are entitled to claim child benefit, which is a social security payment overseen by HM Revenue & Customs. 

What Is The Age Limit For Children Covered By Child Benefit?

Typically, child benefit will be awarded to a parent or guardian of children that have not yet reached working age, i.e. less than 16 years of age. Though, if a child is in further education or training, and is 16 to 20, then child benefit can be claimed regarding that child. 

Does Child Benefit Include Adopted Children And Foster Children?

If a child has been adopted, or is living with a foster family, child benefit can be claimed. It’s important to be aware that, in the case of an adopted child, there should be an application for child benefit not when a child has moved into their new home, but before this occurs.

Though, there will be instances where a successful application for child benefit can be made before a child moves in with his/her new family. Also, nationality doesn’t have an impact on the awarding of child benefit for adopted children. Concerning foster parents, child benefit can be awarded, as long as a local authority isn’t paying for the child’s accommodation or maintenance.

What Other Ways Can Child Benefit Be Awarded?

Child benefit may be awarded when there is an informal agreement that proves that the child of a relative or friend is being looked after by you. As with foster children, child benefit will only be paid if a local authority is not paying for the accommodation or maintenance of the child. A Guardian’s Allowance is another payment that is related to child benefit. This will be awarded to someone who is looking after a child whose parent or parent has died. 

These four Child Benefit FAQ should help you to determine whether or not your claim for child benefit will be successful or not.